Welcome to the crack-a-mac website, we’re just nuts about nuts, especially Australia’s native nut, the macadamia.

Our macadamia nut cracker, the crack-a-mac, is a leader amongst nut crackers to crack open macadamia and other nuts. Cracking nuts in the shell is fun and this cracker is well priced, easy to use, compact and mess free keeping the shell contained within the cracker. The crack-a-mac macadamia nut cracker is a great addition to any kitchen and makes an ideal gift for the nut lover

The Macadamia nut is known as the hardest nut in the world, and inside is pure deliciousness. So after many hammer smashed fingers, we decided to design a cracker that was easy to use, durable and affordable to help people get to the exquisite creamy nutmeat encased inside.

By cracking the macadamia fresh from the shell you're eating the macadamia at its best and ensuring you have the freshest experience. The crack-a-mac is 100% Australian made, in fact each one is hand assembled here in sunny Queensland. We have also developed a modified handle that you can use with other nuts such as Walnuts and Pecans to make the crack-a-mac a complete nut cracking solution.

Happy Cracking…

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